Shenzhen Technology Co, Ltd, is an integrated manufacture, sales and service as one body high-tech enterprise,

which is specially for high-end adult sex products when established in 2013. has been committed to building three centers and a base (R & D center, manufacturing center, business center, silicone molding manufacturing base) for the market, the company passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and a variety of product quality certification.our products are being distributed to the Europe、South America、North America、Australasia and parts of Asian. as your pillow indispensable partner, we will go with you all the time.

Prostate Vibrator

USB charging design,full charge for two hours, ten frequencies, dynamic and static combination, pleasure to grasp, small and exquisite remote control, can enjoy the game with your lover. All-in-one molding, the surface is smooth and soft, waterproof and anti-bacterial, simulates reality with touch, enters comfort and pleasure.

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AV Vibrator

USB charging, multiple frequency strong vibration, food-grade silicone materials, silent waterproof, powerful motor, 360 degree bendable head.

Mini vibrator with powerful energy,silky touch makes you love it. Stimulate your sensitive nerves while also soothing your tired body, waist discomfort, shoulder pain and etc.

Classic Vibrator

Reject boring and give yourself the best of love! Smooth curves, beautiful shape, comfortable feel, and elegant quality. The head of the product is equipped with a powerful motor, soft and silky body, which can satisfy your different levels of experience. The multiple frequency changes will bring you the most pleasant sensory feeling.

2in1 Kegel Balls

The combination of the physical ball and vibrating egg, the pure physical ball can be exercised in stages according to the different weights of steel balls. Different weights or sizes allow you to exercise your vaginal muscles and repair the pelvic muscles. As long as you like, any time, anywhere, lying down or sitting can easily exercise vagina, after three weeks will bring you the significant firming feeling. Exercise and massage perfectly combined, closer to users demands.

Wireless Vibrating Egg

The food-graded silicone rechargeable wireless remote control vibrating eggs with 10 frequencies,which can bring pleasure while tightening the vagina.The mini remote controller is also can vibrating,massage all of sensitive parts when remote, make you feel a new experience,is the preferred product for women.

Rotary Vibrator

The rotating body combined with the classic bunny, strong vibration with multiple points stimulation in the same time,which gives you a full enjoy. The rotating rod can change with the position and adjust the angle to make the vibrator closer to your body. Bunny part stimulates the sensitive area of the vagina, and the climax is repeated. The vibrator fits the women body curve, giving you a layer of pleasure.

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