Company Culture

The core of Shenzhen Y. Love Technology Co., Ltd. ’s culture is "people-oriented," with its core concept of development is " to realize mutual development of people and enterprise." That is, focusing on achieving business development goals through every staff’s own development. This core concept of development is embodied in the following four points:
 ①Shenzhen Y. Love Technology Co., Ltd. thinks: Only each employee's personal values have been achieved, the overall goal of the enterprise can really be achieved. Based on these values and ideals, Shenzhen Y. Love Technology Co., Ltd. maximizes the realization of the integration between business value and value of employees when it draws up the business development objectives. At the same time, it advocates that each employee establish the value of the individual upon the enterprise’ development, and realize personal value in the continuous development of enterprises.
 ②Shenzhen Y. Love Technology Co., Ltd. thinks: the primary objective of the enterprise management is to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, to maximize the talent and creativity of employees, to release human’s potential. Based on this concept, Shenzhen Y. Love Technology Co., Ltd. states: the primary responsibility of the leading cadres at all levels is respecting, caring, helping, cultivating employees, and creating environmental conditions for employees to give full play to the intelligence. Shenzhen Y. Love Technology Co., Ltd. gradually improves the mechanism of respecting knowledge, respecting talent, encouraging innovation, vigorously promotes frank and harmonious atmosphere between people.
 ③Shenzhen Ylove Technology Co.,Ltd, we insist that whoever solve practical problems are talented people. Based on this concept, all our staff are real working people, regardless their education, identity and age.The young intellectuals are encouraged to practice and enhance abilities..
 ④ In our mind, people and companies must be developed along with the development of the times, or be eliminated without innovation. Based on this concept, we’re promoted and encouraged to compete and learn new knowledge and innovation. "There is no best, only better!" is our concept of competition.